Apr 13, 2014


The secret egg messages didn't show up that well..

Two teeth gone!

His band-aid was just for show

Apr 12, 2014

Nothing much

We have not been doing anything exciting, but at work I have been busily planning the Chamber Banquet.
We got a babysitter last night to go to it, and had a pretty fun time. 

College President was speaker

My dress.  It was fun to have an exuse to try and look good although I am glad to be out of the shoes!

Apr 3, 2014

OUr SPeCiAl BoY!

For Tyler's special day at school, he was allowed to bring a pet, or someone special to him. 
He also got to bring some things from home that he wanted to show off.
He wanted to show his Quarter collection (from Grandma Rita), and everyone was impressed.
Cash felt pretty special himself.  He did tricks for Tyler's classmates, including jumping up and down and saying "blue."

Mar 26, 2014

Basket cases

I finished vacuuming the house, and smugly thought about how Shawn would be impressed with the clean house when he got home from work.
I put the vacuum away and rounded the corner to go back into the living room, and found these two monkeys spreading the Easter grass EVERYWHERE.  
They said they were just making pathways for me to walk through.

Mar 23, 2014

Sip and Paint

A friend and I signed up for an evening "Sip and Paint" session over in Cody.
We got to learn to to paint a horse, titled "Wildfire" during this session.

Wow was it fun!  I can't wait to sign our whole family up to come....Tyler was extremely jealous after hearing about it.

Mar 19, 2014

My First Brandin'

Nick ropes a calf
Yes, it was only 4 calves, but it doesn't take long to figure out the routine.  Our friends were vaccinating and branding and invited us over to watch.
Not sure what is going on...
Beth gives a shot of medication
Scotty brands the poor little thing.
Justin (aka Ducky Dynasty) gets in on the action
Don't ever dare Tyler to crawl through a small, muddy space.  That's his favorite trick to do.