Apr 21, 2016

In the woods, along the river

Last sunny Sunday we drove to Wise River to explore a little.

This campground had huge fire rings.  I caught Cash on the tail end of a yawn

Apr 13, 2016

Warm Springs

Warm Springs is a little "town" off the interstate, and it is actually a cluster of buildings housing the state's psychiatry hospital.  There is also a large wildlife management area, ponds and streams and trails.

Tyler had my phone and Cash had my camera....

Mar 31, 2016


Waiting for the egg hunt to begin

Rainy easter morning hunt at the house

stretching his legs

Mar 29, 2016

Kootenai Falls in the sun and rain

Our Helmville Friends

For our "spring break" we started out by visiting some old friends, and the kids were able to get in on an Easter Egg hunt.  Rural Montana at its finest....