Feb 24, 2015

Rocked it!

Our adventures at a climbing wall in Billings::

Shawn had an adventure at Fort Peck ice fishing.  He brought home fish-cicles.

Our goofy pup Lucy.  She is so mellow and black!

Feb 19, 2015

Each evening we have a new sunset to enjoy

Happy Valentine's Day! (no one liked the cake--not enough frosting)

Chipmunk tooth Tyler.  Two teeth in two days lost!

Feb 14, 2015

In the sunny woods

Trekking up a closed road.

A stranger in the woods

Cash is a champion stand-up sledder

Feb 5, 2015

Jan 31, 2015

Growing Up

I was looking at the boys the other day, and realized that they are both getting so big!
They need to stop growing soon!

Progress is going well on our living room painting project.  Three walls are now done, with the 4th soon.
It looks so much better!

Jan 19, 2015


We did our own version of Sip and Paint.  This is Cash's very first painting project!
I painted my "Word of the Year" which is Radiant.  I did an online course with lots of journaling and a little meditating and listening to pod-casts to find it *RADIANT*

Luckily Cash took a few naps the last few weeks or went to bed early otherwise I would never have gotten this done.

I also went to lunch with a few friends.  We stuffed ourselves and then walked around Powell to the little stores.

Meanwhile shawn was the provider.  He ice-fished Saturday and caught 3 large walleye, and then Sunday went with a neighbor and shot his limit of 5 geese.